Sounds Like Teen Spirit

Stolen Melodies, Ripped-off Riffs, and the Secret History of Rock and Roll.

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Stolen Music

Have you ever heard a song and thought “Hey, they ripped that off!”?
Sounds Like Teen Spirit: Stolen Melodies, Ripped off Riffs, and the Secret History of Rock and Roll 2016 Edition is the first book EVER to examine the phenomenon of songs that appear to have “borrowed” their melodies from earlier songs.


Did you know?

That a novelty song his father recorded might have inspired John Lennon’s “Imagine?”

That the explosive guitar riff that powered Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was inspired by Boston’s “More Than a Feeling?”

That Bob Marley’s song “Buffalo Soldier” shares its melody with the theme song of The Banana Splits, a 1960s kids TV show?


Never hear them the same way

Sounds Like Teen Spirit dissects recent cases of musical plagiarism involving Coldplay, Robin Thicke, Sam Smith and Mark Ronson as well as songs by the Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and the most notorious of all musical thieves, Led Zeppelin.


A fun read that will have you replaying the songs.


The Chicago Tribune

The book is a winner… One of those why-didn't I think of that projects.


Kirkus Reviews


Winner: Bronze Medal, Independent Publisher Best Books of the Year, Performing Arts.

About Author

Timothy English

Timothy English is a recognized authority on musical plagiarism in pop music. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television outlets including: NPR, BBC Radio II, and Fox News. His work has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, the Huffington Post, and on Sirius XM’s Howard Stern Show. He is also the author of Popology: The Music of the Era in the Lives of Four Icons of the 1960s.


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